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​Four States Recycling is committed to providing the most secure document shredding and purge services in the industry. Through this commitment our clients will receive the peace of mind that will allow them to operate more effectively at what they do, without worry. We will do this with the most environmentally friendly methods available while our clients realize, by choosing us, they have helped make the earth a much greener place.




Four States Recycling is family owned and operated in Amarillo, Texas while servicing a wide radius of clients in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas. These past 5 years have shown tremendous growth and success that we attribute to our never-ending commitment to our clients direct needs, utilization of the most current technologies and industry innovations and overall customer satisfaction. Our success only comes from exceeding our clients expectations and providing peace of mind. From this we have earned the trust of our clients and been able to provide the best overall value and experience when dealing with the destruction of their confidential materials.

It’s been an honor and a pleasure working with such tremendous people throughout the years and we look forward in growing together moving forward.




As an office manager or business owner you know you have to securely shred your confidential documents. With many options out there it can become confusing as to your next steps and options. As the industry leader we would like to share with you some of the reasons that we are selected as the document shredding and purge services partner of choice.

We're secure, we furnish locked bins for your site, if it is picked up today it is shredded today. Since shredded documents are commingled and no single customer's shredded documents are separated, all shredded material is baled and shipped directly to our paper mill customers and used as raw material in the paper making process.


Security. Leaving it up to your employees to decide what to destroy can be problematic and important documents can find their way into the trash instead of the office paper shredder. Providing your employees with a convenient locked bin where documents can be securely disposed of is an easy and affordable answer. With Four States, your sensitive materials are secure from the moment they are picked up until the time they are shredded, guaranteed!


A certificate of destruction, is issued as legal documentation for your records and is sent following every service.

Shredding with us costs a lot less than you might think (around $1 a day). We have no additional charges such as fuel surcharges or pick up fees. We charge a fixed flat price per container or box and never by the pound or by the minute-like the other paper shredding companies. Budgeting your document destruction costs is easy and predictable.

Current industry analysis of internal costs (shredders, employees, electricity, equipment maintenance, etc) of the document destruction process states that on average businesses spend three times the amount to perform this task. We cost less than doing it yourself.



It's better for the environment. 100% of the paper we shred is recycled into new paper products. If you do your own paper shredding, chances are your paper, shredded or un-shredded, probably leaves your office by way of a dumpster.


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