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North Texas Waste & Recycling

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Welcome to Four States Recycling

Over the past 37 years Four States has Kept over

932,400,000 TONs

out of landfills.  Look at the environmental impact below!

Four States Recycling has been an industry leader for cardboard, paper and plastic for the past 35 years in the Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma Areas. As the need for recycling has grown exponentially we have had the privilege of keeping hundreds of thousands of tons of these products out of the landfill. We hope you are as proud of that as we are and encourage you to bring your paper, plastic and cardboard to our facilities recycling.


We also provide a certificate  of destruction  to anyone who requests it and we stand behind our promise that all personal documents will be securely destroyed.  You can even watch as we do it.


Products we Recycle

Ed Pruitt

With over 37 years experience in the recycling business.  Ed has built Four States Recycling as a pioneer, recycling center in Amarillo TX and surrounding areas.



It's better for the environment. 100% of the paper we shred is recycled into new paper products. If you do your own paper shredding, chances are your paper, shredded or un-shredded, probably leaves your office by way of a dumpster.


Phone: 806-341-5536  |  Fax: 415-226-6467